Welcome all internet travelers, regardless of whether you arrived here by accident or design. You have landed at the site of The Riff, the UK’s first, online-only, magazine for jazz and related musical genres.

Now I expect you are wondering why we are here?  Wasn’t there a rumour that jazz died at the end of the sixties? Or at the very least you sensed it was not cool anymore. Perhaps an exclusive domain inhabited by an aging, upper middle class, elite? Well, let me tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Jazz is alive, well and flourishing. It commands large and diverse audiences and its scope is wider than ever in the century it has been in existence. All the traditional forms are still around: New Orleans, swing, bebop, avant garde, gypsy manouche and so on but these days any of these styles may be mixed with R&B, soul, ska, reggae, hip-hop, electronica and even prog rock.  It’s no longer men in suits inhabiting smoky clubs. Now, Americana meets Afrobeat; European chordal progressions fuse with Asian rhythms. Anything goes. Jazz is a true musical and cultural melting pot. And democratic too. The musical equivalent of freedom of speech.

Here at The Riff we love this eclection and we plan to celebrate it by publishing articles on all things jazz.  Concert reviews, photo essays, musician interviews, features on people and places and just about anything else of interest. Gig listings are free so let us know what’s coming up in your area and we’ll post it up on the site.  We hope that a little further down the line we can publish open source articles from “citizen reviewers”  -watch this space for more details in a week or so. For now we are simply taking the site live with a modest collection of features. We hope you will find them enjoyable. Please be assured there are a lot more in the pipeline. So please stick with us and help us grow. We think it will be an exciting journey.

John Morrow
June, 2017

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