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Rob Luft
Club 85, Hitchin, Hertfordshire
24th May 2018

It’s hard to say much new about Rob Luft. This rising star and recipient of the prestigious Kenny Wheeler Prize (2016) has received avalanches of generous praise from the jazz establishment over the past few years. Indeed, it’s fair to say that he’s been in the spotlight since his days in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra at the age of 15. Now at the age of 24 and a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, Rob is demonstrating his abilities as a composer/arranger with his album, “Riser” and is now on a promotional tour with his band. And not just any old band. Rob’s colleagues are all part of the loose confederacy of Young British Jazz Artists that reassure this reviewer at least that the future of UK jazz is safe and in very capable hands. The band included drummer, Corrie Dick, who seems to wield his sticks with increasing authority on each occasion I see him, Joe Webb on keys, Tom McCredie on electric bass and Joe Wright whose live playing of his tenor sax was much more muscular than I expected and provided a great counterpoint to Rob’s washy guitar sounds. Make no mistake, this is a great band of superb musicians: their sound palette ranged from John McLaughlin rock riffs to psychedelic acid jazz grooves. Overall a very engaging, entertaining and enjoyable group with a bright future.

John Morrow

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